Swamiji took good steps for political participation, political participation services. He was very active from starting of political participation services, Indian political participation and for social political activities. Swamiji entered into the politics as a student with JP movement in 1976. Soon, he became a renowned leader with his own political convictions. The orator left great impact on the masses with flawless speeches and nationalistic idealism. He represented BJP in the elections at Badayun (U.P.) in 1991 and was elected as Member of Parliament. He was again elected as Member of Parliament from Machhali Shaharm in 1998 and from Jaunpur in 1999. Today, Swamiji has emerged as a national leader with a strong commitment to build a nation of integrity. His political participation was good step for country to make a positive and forward moment.

Swamiji has been a prominent face in the politics. His stature in the politics can be identified by the following memberships:

Member of Parliament (MP)

  • From Badayun in 1991
  • From Machhali Shaharm in 1998
  • From Jaunpur in 1999


  • Vishwa Hindu Parishad Kendriya Marg Darshak Mandal
  • World Congress of Faith and Culture
  • Parliamentary Group of India
  • Parliamentary Commitees
    • Public Accounts Committee
    • Estimate Committee
    • Member Salary Committee
    • Accounts Committee
    • Central Education Board
    • Central Sanskrit Board

Swamiji was also appointed as National convener of Ram Janma Bhoomi Sangharsh Samiti in 1984. He was arrested during emergency and Ram Janma Bhoomi movement thrice and detained with Rajju Bhaiya, Rajnath Singh, Mahant Avaidyanath and other mass leaders.

He also participated in JP movement in the state of Bihar, which gradually developed into a popular people's movement.