Social and Charitable

The activities of Swami Chinmayanand embrace spiritual, cultural, educational and social fields. He has contributed social and charitable projects to the upliftment of society through numerous social charitable trust, social medical institutions, ashram services, charitable services, medical institutions in India, health centers and educational institutions. Swamiji is dedicated to serve humanity by providing food, medicine and other assistance to the needy. Periodical free Medical camps are conducted in several rural places with his efforts. Besides, Swamiji conducts various social charitable trust, social and charitable projects, social medical institutions that aims empowerment of women and eradication of illiteracy. All the charitable services, social services, social charitable services are done in a spirit of worship of God in man. Some of the Non Profit Organizations and Institutions, medical institutions in India that have been rendering their services under Swamiji's guidance are:

Social Trusts

Managing Trustee/ Chairman

Medical Institutions

  • S.S. Charitable Hospital,Haridwar
  • Naturo-yogic Hospital , Rishikesh
  • Parmarth Nature Health Center, Rishikesh
  • S.S. Homeopathic Dispensary, Rishikesh
  • Swami Bhajananand Eye Hospital, Mainpuri, U.P.


  • Parmarth Lok, Badrinath
  • Parmarth Ashram, Haridwar
  • Parmarth Gyan Mandir, Kankhal
  • Mumukshu Ashram, Shahjahanpur, U.P.
  • Swami Shukdevanand ashram, Renukoot, Sonbhadra
  • Parmarth Niketan, Swargaashram, Rishikesh
  • Parmarth Ashram Sapt Sarovar, Haridwar
  • Shri Krishna Asharam, Brijghat, Gadmuktashwar, Ghaziabad
  • Parmarth Nikunj, Vrindavan
  • Parmarth Mandir, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi
  • Parmarth Bhawan, Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi
  • Anand Ashram, Bareeli, U.P.
  • Swami Ekrasanand Ashram, Mainpuri, U.P.
  • Shri Hari Dham , Bithur, Kanpur
  • Swami Bhajananand Ashram, Rai Bareeli
  • Gopal Ashram, Firozabad
  • Ekrasanand Ashram, Birari Etawa