Pujya Swamiji

Swami Chinmayanand is a staunch follower of his Gurus, who have imparted the divine knowledge and spirit of compassion. He has explored the truth and enlightenment under the guidance of his gurus.


Swamiji has been conferred with several awards for his commitment to the development of society and country at large. Apart from social activities, he has won adulations for his leadership and management skills. Some of the awards that Swamiji has been honored with, are:

  • Minister of State for Home Affairs in Govt of India (2003)
  • World Peace Award by Global Studies of USA for making more than 2600 bodos surrender and welcoming them into the main stream.

Intellectual Works

Swamiji is endowed with an exalted intellectual capacity, and blessed with extraordinary prowess for learning, research, creative thinking and writing. He has written many books on spiritual and socio-cultural aspects like Philosophy of Unpanishad, Bhakti Sudha, Paawan Path and others. He has also been an editor of monthly magazines - Parmarth and Vivek Rashmi.